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14 Ways To Maintain Your Drainage System And Keep It Blockage Free

Having A Blocked Drain System Is Not Something You Can Predict. In addition to posing health risks, the undrained water in the sink (or bath) and flooding can cause air pollution. However, regular maintenance can help avoid these problems.

Drains that are clogged are due to debris accumulation as well as tree root intrusions, grease or small objects getting stuck in the drain. Blockage of drains can occur in the main lines of your drains or in your home.

If You Stay Faithful To These Fourteen Rules, You Can Help Stop Your Drains From Blocking

1. Should you experience a minor clog, use a plunger. That should take care of it.

2. Clean out debris in the drain by raising up the stoppers in your bathtub. Make sure to wash the stopper itself before putting it back.

3. If Hair Loss Is Something You Are Going Through, Make Sure That The Plug Has No Mesh When You Wash Your Hair In The Sink Or Tub. The same way you would prevent food from going down the kitchen sink, you should also prevent hair from washing into the bathroom pipes.

4. To prevent hair from accumulating in the drains, try brushing your hair ahead of a bath to remove broken strands.

5. Have a plumber install grates over your drains. When Getting Your Drains Cleaned, Use A Drain Cleaner That Is Anti - Bacterial And Which Is Not Corrosive.

6. Prevent root intrusion in your drainage system by planting trees and flowers away from your pipework.

7. Benefit from periodic servicing and inspections done by a drainage company even if you don't call them and you can do this by going into a contract with them yearly. Our Drainage Plymouth company in Plymouth can provide you with comprehensive maintenance. The drainage system of your home will benefit from maintenance and telling your family about this is a good idea.

8. Avoid corrosive acidic cleaners. They will damage your pipes in the long run.

9. Don't Throw Stuff Into Your Drain. Put your trash in the dustbin, and not down your drain.

10. Especially avoid putting things in the drain such as fat, grease, coffee, gum, food, medications and condoms.

11. Simply put, drains are only meant for water, urine, and faeces.

12. You Can Use Your Wire Coat Hanger As A Hook When You Straighten It And Then Pass It Into Your Drain To Remove Debris That Accumulates There.

13. You can prevent the build - up of grease in the drain by pouring hot salty water down it.

14. This is not a comprehensive list, as there are many other things you can do to maintain your drainage system. Just make sure you don't use acidic solutions.

While these preventative measures can be done on your own, don't go overboard with excess pressure that might cause damage. Rather, contact a plumber or drain specialist immediately. Drainage Plymouth professional staff in Plymouth are fully equipped to handle all your drainage issues.